King of The Castle: Brian Lopes

It’s not that often that we get to catch up with MTB greats; Brian has been in competition since he was a child and winning at virtually every discipline he has entered. With the pedigree that finds him having his own signature knee pads and becoming “Mountain Bike World Champion” four times to a life lived at the limit, and beyond we throw some questions his way.

This interview fits in our “Legends” series, where we catch up to those who helped define the sport and pave the way for future riding generations or who have influenced the direction of the sport.

In recent news, the cry of “we are the 99%” and of Occupy insert cause here has caused people to take a good hard look at the economic and social impacts of having a very powerful top 1% of earners and wealth distributors and raised doubts whether the very system we employ to govern our economies is inherently flawed. Our situation here a bit different, but cycling still does have its 1% of (earners) athletes that have the perfect storm of genetics, will and brawn to carry the sport on their backs into the future. One such man is Brian Lopes; the 40 year old cyclist is still occupying podiums and news storys in whatever class he decides to be in that day; a force in 4x and one of the most winningest riders in MTB history, we try to catch a glimpse at the view from the top…

For those who for some reason may not know who you are; who are you and what do you do?

My name is Brian Lopes and I am one of the most fortunate bike riders ever. I started racing bikes in 1975, turned pro when I was 17 and have been making a living ever since. I have won 26 world cups in 3 different disciplines, 6 overall world cup titles, and 4 world championships.

Where are you now, describe your surroundings for us?

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